Smarter Self-Service

We are a powerful combination of an award winning Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform, SICURA®, and a team of AI specialists with over two decades of experience building Virtual Assistants.

"The flexibility of SICURA helped us with our own support initiatives and added another dimension into our online support ecosystem."

D. Jay Pederson

VP Worldwide Customer Advocacy

"We found the Virtual Assistant very effective in helping us to gauge interaction volumes and understand the most common questions and issues faced by our users. It played a valuable role in helping us to further understand our audience and structure the help tool more effectively. "

"The use of noHold technology for both sales and support has resulted in a cleaner, enhanced customer journey and is a revenue generator. We are pleased with the Customer Satisfaction rating the virtual assistant sustains."

Garry Schultz

VP of Customer Care

"Bots don't have to be our best friends, but it seems bots (like Albert) will at least be that one know-it-all friend..."

Curtis Silver

"The future of bots is sitting in thousands of documents folders, waiting to be born."

Kelsey D. Atherton

"People looking for an easier path to integrating with Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant have good news on the horizon."

Blair Hanley Frank

Our Virtual Assistants benefit business.




Deflection in traffic to the Contact Center from website

Increase in Sales the first month

Reduction in escalation to Tier 2 Agents

Our Platform, SICURA®

SICURA® is designed for the enterprise to create Virtual Assistants. SICURA offers businesses easy access to powerful technology.

Works in all languages, currently live in 13.

Connects to CRM Systems, Live Chat, Communities, Facebook Messenger, and other open API sets.

Voice support through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

QuickStart transforms documents and turns them into Virtual Assistant solutions.

Supports Instance Based Machine Learning.

NLP2X™ allows an end user to query a database without it being programmed.

Diagram depicting platform features

Artificial Intelligence technology beyond its years


noHold's pursuit of better service has been the driving force behind the focus in its technology, and continuous innovation has been the key to producing Virtual Assistants that stand the test of time.

A platform created for the enterprise


From the beginning the SICURA® platform was designed with business in mind. Making it one of the few Artificial Intelligence tools that can be managed and maintained without an engineer.

To date we have built over 1,300 enterprise Virtual Assistants


Our Virtual Assistants have helped fortune 500 companies provide better self-service to their customers and employees.

Put your Artificial Intelligence endeavor in the hands of experts.

  • Content Specialist vets the information for your Virtual Assistant.
  • Conversational Expert collaborates with you to create a voice.
  • UX/UI Designer develops a design to reflect your brand and culture.
  • Implementation Manager assists in planning the placement and execution of implementing a Virtual Assistant successfully.
  • Project Manager will give updates about the progress and maintenance of your Virtual Assistant with reports and quarterly reviews. Project Managers can also train clients on the expert system.


Telephone: 408-946-9200 ext. 311

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About noHold

We are a tight-knit group from the heart of Silicon Valley that utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology to improve business services and processes.


  • Patent (US 6,604,141) referenced by IBM, HP, Oracle, AT&T and more.
  • Several Patents pending.
  • Over 19 years of experience in the Virtual Assistant and Artificial Intelligence industry; noHold was established in 1999.
  • Trusted by Fortune 500 companies to manage internal documents and information.
  • Recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2015 and 2017.
  • noHold has created and maintained over 1300 Virtual Assistants in 19 years.
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Diagram depicting platform features
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Diagram depicting platform features
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Diagram depicting platform features
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Diagram depicting platform features
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Diagram depicting platform features
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