Custom Virtual Assistants

A Virtual Assistant, or Virtual Agent, is a customer facing application. It is the window that enables an end user to interact with the expert system. The Virtual Assistant is designed to sustain a high volume of concurrent sessions and can communicate in different languages depending on the content stored in its knowledge platform, SICURA. The Virtual Agent window includes a Banner, Menu Bar, Chat Window and an Edit Field.


End users are able to type questions or state problems in natural language into the Edit Field. The system displays questions and answers in the Chat Window. The paradigm is similar to the one of a live chat interaction with the customer on one end and the expert system on the other.


mobile Virtual Assistant example


Edit Field

Chat Window

Menu Bar

The Virtual Agent uses Artificial Intelligence to understand end user intentions.

Support Throughout the Customer Journey

We live in a social, mobile, web-empowered world. Yet there is no way to predict the means in which your customers will seek information. Virtual Assistants can be leveraged across various channels to provide end users with consistent support anytime, anywhere.


icon of the world
icon of a smartphone
icon shopping cart
icon of a brick wall
icon of chat bubbles



Online Store

Brick & Mortar Store

Web Chat

Link to the Virtual Agent throughout the website to support customers and reduce cost.


Make a Virtual Assistant available anytime and anywhere.


Provide customers with a resource as they shop Online to increase cross-selling opportunities.


Increase sales in store by giving salesmen and customers a resource trained and managed by you.


Integrate with live chat to take end users to the appropriate resource.


icon of head set for customer service employees
icon of gears
icon of shopping bag with dollar sign on it
icon of megaphone
icon of a cloud

Call Center

Internal Help  Desk

Reseller Sites

Social Networks

The Internet of Things

Use a Virtual Assistant to improve Average Handle Time (AHT) and reduce training time.


Relieve IT professionals from simple repetitive questions.


Provide customers with instant answers on other websites.


Add a Virtual Agent to Social Media to improve customer satisfaction.


Virtual Assistants can be connected to devices to facilitate communication between man and machine.

Get expert recommendations on utilizing Virtual Assistant technology.


Virtual Assistants are flexible.

(partial list of capabilities)


Best Practices

virtual agent user interface highlighting best practices
icons to represent features

Brand It

Personalize the Experience

Share Options

Cloud Based

Leverage QR Codes

Embed Multimedia

Escalation Options


Connect to Existing Virtual Agents




Cross-sell & Up-sell

Provide Ratings & Reviews

Share Coupons, Promotions, Alerts, etc.

Watch customer facing Virtual Agents in action.



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