Industry Terms

Application Programming Interface [API]

A connector or link that communicates with a knowledge management system; allowing end users to access information from multiple channels, such as Virtual Assistants, Email Auto Responders and CRM systems. noHold uses connectors to connect channels, not provided by noHold, to the Knowledge Management Platform SICURA. See More

Artificial Intelligence

A branch of computer science imitating human intelligence and behavior. More

Inference Engine

A core aspect of an Expert System analyzes and understands information stored in a database. Its ability to evaluate knowledge creates an interactive and diagnostic experience for end users. Click Here


Natural Language Processor [NLP]

A branch of computer science that investigates natural language ,as spoken by humans, to give a computer the capability of interacting seamlessly with humans in both written and spoken forms. Learn More

SaaS [Software as a Service]

A subscription-based method of providing software available 24/7 on a cloud. It is ideal for web-based programs like Virtual Agents or Virtual Assistants. Read More

Virtual Agent

A Virtual Agent is an intelligent web self-service tool. Virtual Agents are used to support customers and employees throughout many processes. The user interface is similar to a chat window. Yet, the technology allows for end users to ask questions or make statements that are fulfilled by artificial intelligence. Virtual Agents reduce cost for enterprise companies by helping customers easily find answers on their own terms.


Now that the technology has gain popularity more and more variations of the term have come in to play. Virtual Agents are also known as:


Virtual Assistant

Intelligent Virtual Agent

Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Virtual Customer Assistant

Enterprise Intelligence Agent

Virtual Customer Care Expert

Interactive Artificial Intelligence Assistant




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