Patented Technology US 6,604,141

noHold uses Artificial Intelligence to improve the capabilities of its Expert System, SICURA™. This design represents a fundamental paradigm shift from regular search. Instead of relying on just one input statement, the noHold Virtual Agent interacts with the end-user until it can provide the most specific answer. The end-user experience is improved considerably with noHold patented technology (US 6,604,141). The technology is based on two main aspects: a Natural Language Processor [NLP] and an Inference Engine [IE].

Search Engine

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant and search comparison

Natural Language Processor

The Natural Language Processor [NLP] is responsible for interpreting end-user statements. It includes a spell-checker and morphing algorithm to ensure the highest degree of comprehension. To avoid false positives the solution is capable of asking confirming questions when the user’s input is ambiguous. The NLP works in all languages because it is designed using double-byte and Unicode.

Inference Engine

The Inference Engine [IE] drives the conversation with the end-users.  While most solutions in our space use the NLP input to execute a flat search on the content; our Virtual Assistants include a distinct Inference Engine that is capable of mimicking the logical processes of induction and deduction through streamlined backward and forward chaining algorithms.

noHold Connect

noHold Connect or NHC allows for communication between multiple Virtual Agents. This is particularly useful for companies that have a fairly extensive ecosystem of partners. NHC is another technology unique to noHold.


An end user can start an interaction with one Virtual Assistant, but if it is determined that the answer can be better provided by a different Virtual Assistant; then it will connect to the proper Virtual Assistant.  The conversation continues in the same interface, but with the appropriate resource.


screenshot of virtual agent with another virtual agent providing an answer

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