noHold Conducts Study on Students’ Opinion of Artificial Intelligence and its role in Higher Education

January 31, 2019, MILPITAS, CA – noHold has always thought that leveraging Virtual Assistants that could help students with topics such as navigating around campus, understanding the enrollment process, or how to get financial aid was a good idea. Recently, we surveyed students from colleges and universities around the US to get their opinion on Artificial Intelligence and how it could be used at their school.


Here are the results we gathered from the survey:


  1. According to the survey, 3 out of 4 students think that a Virtual Assistant is a good idea.
  2. The majority of students reported using a Virtual Assistant within the last 6 months, and Siri was the most commonly used.
  3. The preferred way of communicating with the Virtual Assistant would be through a dedicated app, and a close second was on the schools’ website.
  4. Most student would want the Virtual Assistant to help them with getting around campus, answering questions like “where is the biology lab?” The next topics would be enrollment and then IT questions.


Overall, the Student Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence received positive feedback and demonstrated that students are interested in using Artificial Intelligence in a school setting to make their lives a little easier. Students from the study said, “Seems like a great solution for the problems at larger schools being more confusing to navigate as well as getting help when needed!” and “Would be great for general information around campus like operating times and contact information for certain departments.” Diego Ventura, CEO and Founder of noHold, adds, “I was surprised to see that when students were asked about their favorite channel to access a Virtual Assistant, smart speakers were not included.”


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