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Diagram illustrating the componets that make up SICURA

Our Knowledge Management Platform is cloud-based and can be administered from anywhere in the world. Authentication, trusted by major brands, protects your company's information and enables customers and employees to drive an enriched experience.


The knowledge hosted in our Platform can be delivered in two primary ways:



  • Through Search++ our Natural Language search engine

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Articles Manager

ArticlesManager is the database at the center of SICURA. It is a native XML database that allows for the management of content in different formats such as, PDF and Word Documents. The content can serve multiple audiences from a single repository. The database is able to store rich content, such as videos and images.

Diagram illustrating the componets that make up SICURA, while highlighing ArticlesManager


Key Features

- Natural Language Processor

- Inference Engine

- Content indexing

- Search filters (category, keywords or tags)

- XML article editing functionality

- WYSIWYG editor

- Capture user feedback

- Voting and feedback mechanism

- Restrict access

- Specify domains for groups of information

Metrics is the component of SICURA that provides statistics about Platform usage. This reporting tool tells an administrator how many people logged in, what questions they asked and what questions the system couldn’t answer. Metrics interface allows for easy selection and review of system data. It includes a Navigation Menu and a Content Window. Administrators have the opportunity to login to the system and select the metrics they want to see. Options are available to select a specific period of time and to export the metrics to be processed by a different application like Microsoft Excel.

Sreenshot of noHold backend reporting system called Metrics

Key Features

- Export metrics reports

- Date specific viewing options

- Total number of sessions

- Number of reported issues

- Number of provided resolutions

- Session feedback (CSAT and free-form text)

- Session duration average

- Most frequently asked and viewed

- Number and type of behaviors

- Raw session data


The report to the right provides data on the Effectiveness of the total interactions for a given period of time based on end-users votes.

Content Maintenance

Maintenance is a set of tools integrated within SICURA that allows administrators to identify knowledge gaps, measure the quality of the content and take appropriate action. Managing a knowledge base is constant, so noHold created an interface that non programmers can use. Information retrieved from metrics and feedback collected can be utilized to tailor the content to better serve your users’ needs.

Screenshot of noHold's backend illustrating how to manage a dialogue tree

Key Features

- Review customer feedback

- Review session log

- Apply filters to maintenance for a specific time period

- Review popular phrases

- Review unprocessed phrases

- Assign and create tasks


Content Editor

Screenshot of content editor similar to a word document composition (for non-programmers)

Key Features

Editor is an authoring tool. This element of SICURA allows administrators to edit and create new content. It has a WYSIWYG interface that includes the functionality you would find in the most typical word processors; allowing non-programmers to manage content.

- Ability to assign a solution to a specific audience

- Option to associate an expiration date with the solution

- Add author's notes to a solution

- Typical word processing functionality (similar to

  Microsoft Word)

- Ability to save the solution as a draft, pending or

  publish it




Diagram illustrating the componets that make up SICURA, while highlighing workflow

Key Features

Workflow describes the process and tools that SICURA administrators can use to improve the performance of the Virtual Assistant and Search++.

- User permissions

- Content states (draft, pending, published)

- Auto-test analysis

- Low-scoring phrase report

- Back-end user productivity

- Task management

- Crowd sourcing

Application Programming Interface (API) Set

SICURA is Web Service oriented, which means the entire design has been conceived to let internal objects or services be exposed outside and embedded in remote applications. This flexibility is provided by the internal API; all SICURA tools and applications use the internal API to perform any tasks.

Diagram illustrating the componets that make up SICURA, while highlighing Application Programing Interface (API)

Connect With

- Customer Relationship Management systems

- Live Chat platforms

- Content Management systems

- Knowledge Management systems

- External Databases

- Social Media platforms


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