Operating the SICURA® Platform

We have built SICURA to be sustainable for the enterprise. SICURA is one of the only Artificial Intelligence Platforms that can be maintained without an engineer. SICURA is cloud-based and can be administered from anywhere in the world. noHold offers Professional Services that either train your employees on the platform or maintain the platform for you. With features like authentication, content states and solution assignment, Fortune 500 companies have provided meaningful self-service to customers and employees alike.

  • Native XML allows for content management in PDF and Word formats
  • Single Repository that can serve multiple audiences
  • Password protected, restricted access via administrative roles
  • Unique or custom domains for Virtual Assistants or content groups
Diagram depicting platform features


Metrics allows for easy selection and review of system data. This reporting tool is customizable, but by default administrators can view usage, the types of questions being asked, effectiveness rating and demographics. Options are available to select a specific period of time to review the analytics. Raw session data is available for review. Data can also be exported to other applications like Excel.

Sreenshot of noHold backend reporting system called Metrics

Content Maintenance

Managing a database is a cycle; review feedback from users, make adjustments, publish, repeat. Maintenance is a set of tools integrated within SICURA that allows administrators to identify knowledge gaps, measure the quality of the content and take appropriate action. Content Maintenance makes tailoring the content of the expert system simple, while providing priceless information to help you improve other aspects of your business to better serve your customers.

Screenshot of noHold's backend illustrating how to manage a dialogue tree

Content Editor

Editor is an authoring tool. This element of SICURA allows administrators to edit and create new content. It has a WYSIWYG interface that includes the functionality you would find in the most typical word processors; allowing non-programmers to manage content.

  • Ability to assign a solution to a specific audience
  • Option to associate an expiration date with the solution
  • Add author's notes to a solution
  • Typical word processing functionality (similar to Microsoft Word)
  • Ability to save the solution
Screenshot of content editor similar to a word document composition (for non-programmers)


Workflow represents the process that administrators use to improve the performance of their database.

  • User permissions
  • Content states (Draft, Pending, Publish)
  • Auto-test analysis
  • Low-scoring phrase report
  • Back end user productivity
  • Task management
  • Crowd sourcing

Document to Solution

SICURA is the only AI platform that can take a document and convert it into an Artificial Intelligence solution (patent pending). This content management tool is ideal for business that have lots of content already hosted in documents. It takes only a few minutes for SICURA to ingest a document, and almost like magic a bot is created.

SICURA Security

  • Physical security as per Rackspace, AWS and Google Cloud policies
  • Dual Cisco firewall devices configured in redundant clusters
  • Only HTTPS and VPN traffic is allowed to the content management and reporting servers
  • Vulnerability assessments are made using QualysGuard weekly
  • Encryption through the HTTPS protocol is provided using SSL Server IDs
  • Default security certificates support 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Antivirus protection via Norton
  • Hardware RAID is used on all storage systems for reliability and redundancy
  • Backups are maintained daily and offsite storage is done monthly.

Platform Compliance

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • SOC2 Type II
  • PCI DSS Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures, Version 3.1

Professional Services

noHold offers professional services to help clients build Virtual Assistants. We can build it for you or train you to build it yourself.


  • CX Analysis
  • UI Design and Implementation
  • Knowledge Creation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Gap Analysis
  • Content Classification and Intent Identification
  • Custom Reporting
  • Integration with other systems and devices

Although SICURA is a multichannel solution, the information hosted in our platform is primarily delivered via Virtual Assistant.

Operating the SICURA Platform

Diagram depicting platform features
Sreenshot of noHold backend reporting system called Metrics
Screenshot of noHold's backend illustrating how to manage a dialogue tree
Screenshot of content editor similar to a word document composition (for non-programmers)

Diagram depicting platform features