noHold’s Artificial Intelligence Improves the Way the Appliances Industry Engages with Customers

March 15, 2018, MILPITAS, CA – noHold is revolutionizing the customer experience for the Home Appliance industry through Artificial Intelligence. Home appliances are an essential part of consumers’ everyday life, and noHold thinks companies in this space need more than just a great product to be successful, they need to create a great customer journey as well.


noHold has developed a strategy to be able to invoke a Virtual Assistant through a QR code that is positioned directly on the product. Using this strategy, customers’ would have to put little effort into searching for answers/ information. Here is an example of how a company can use noHold’s technology to reduce Customer Effort Score (CES) for both potential buyers and current customers.


A woman comes into a store looking for a new refrigerator. She finds one, but has a couple of questions about it. Instead of trying to find the right salesperson that knows about that specific refrigerator, she uses her smart phone to scan the QR code on the product. Instantly, a Virtual Assistant appears and answers her questions. She ends up buying the refrigerator. A couple years later, she is having a problem with her ice maker. Using the same process of scanning a QR code, she is able to quickly find the exact part she needs to buy to fix her ice maker.

Using the QR codes to leverage a Virtual Assistant was beneficial for a few reasons.


  1. She did not need to look and wait for a sales personal that knew about a product.
  2. Even after several years of owning the fridge, she did not need to scavenge up the manual she probably threw away.
  3. The Virtual Assistant was able to upsell.
  4. Metrics were captured to learn about her experience, and used to improve the product or support for the product.


QR codes are not the only unique way people can pull up a Virtual Assistant. noHold has created connectors to Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and more, so people can reach the Virtual Assistant through their preferred channel, whenever they want.


Diego Ventura, Founder and CEO of noHold, adds, "I believe we are in a unique position to help companies accomplish this paradigm, because we have built a platform that empowers companies to create Virtual Assistants automatically out of existing documents such as manuals."



About noHold Inc.

noHold is a privately held company established in 1999 and is headquartered in Milpitas, CA, USA (Silicon Valley). noHold is the acknowledged leader in Web based Self-service solutions with a mission to deliver real answers to real questions – real fast. Simple to use, easy to implement and as close to human as you can get, noHold turns automated customer support into cognitive customer interactions. noHold customers include Cisco, Dell, McAfee and a host of industry leaders. More information can be found at or subscribe to noHold’s vlog to hear more from CEO, Diego Ventura.


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