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We are a tight-knit group from the heart of Silicon Valley that utilizes Patented (US 6,604,141) Artificial Intelligence technology to improve enterprise services. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, our focus is to create self-service systems that increase value for our customers.

"The flexibility of InstantSupport (Virtual Assistant) helped us with our own support initiatives and added another dimension into our online support ecosystem."

 D. Jay Pederson

VP Worldwide Customer Advocacy


Self-Support Customers Say...


" The noHold Virtual Agent has allowed Webroot to expand its support offerings in the Japanese market. With a small team in Japan, we are committed to continuously identifying ways to improve our customer’s experience while managing our support costs. In just the past few months since implementing our Japanese Virtual Agent we have already seen a significant return on our investment and improved customer satisfaction. Our customers expect only the best service from Webroot and we have an obligation to deliver nothing but the best possible experience to our customers. The noHold Virtual Agent is an integral part of our support operations and key to helping us uphold this standard of excellence. "


Michael Davies

Manager Technical Support Operations




" InstantSupport (Virtual Assistant) helps us provide quick and consistent solutions for our customers with just a few key strokes. Its reporting tools guide us towards updates to keep our solutions current and it’s the only support solution that drives the cost down the more it is used. "


Carol Hansen

Manager of Customer Care


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Virtual Volunteers

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Our desire to give back to the community birthed the Virtual Volunteers Initiative. This Initiative provides non-profit organizations with Virtual Assistants to help volunteers, supporters and those in need find answers on their own terms. To learn more please click here.

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